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Armpocket i-15 Camo Wood Small (15CWS)

Armpocket i-15 Camo Wood Small (15CWS)
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Armpocket i-15 Camo Wood Small (15CWS)

When you want a sleek design with maximum space, choose the Armpocket i-15™. Don’t be fooled by the slim, aerodynamic look, it still fits large phones such as the Samsung Galaxy® SIII or iPhone® 5, a thin case, credit cards, ID, and a single key.

This model features 2 head-phone outlets, compatible with all phones, including iPhone 5.

  • Fits phones up to 5.4 inches (13,7 cm) including the Samsung Galaxy® SIII/S4
  • Ergonomic design and memory foam padding resist slipping
  • Protects sensitive electronic devices from moisture damage
  • Multiple inside compartments
  • Comfortable, vented arm strap for extended wear
  • Full-screen access and touch control
  • Eco-friendly materials and design


Strap Length Arm Size
Small 8 - 11 inches
Medium 10 - 15 inches
Large 13 - 18 inches


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